Losing Baby Teeth – Keep A Close Eye On Mother Nature

Losing Baby teeth Savannah GAThe magic time when kids normally start losing their primary (baby) teeth and are excited about seeing their first permanent teeth come in is around age 7 in the Savannah GA area. When loss of teeth goes according to plan, the front teeth will be lost first, starting with the two lower front teeth and then the upper.

Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always work according to plan and your child can develop a bad bite (malocclusion) for many different reasons. Don’t panic. A complimentary examination by Dr. Robert Vaught at Vaught Orthodontics will put your mind at ease. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should be seen by an orthodontist by the age of 7 to determine if baby teeth are being lost correctly and the permanent teeth are coming in as planned. If there is an issue, sometimes, early orthodontic treatment is indicated sooner rather than later to deter more extensive orthodontic treatment down the road. Read More

Adult Orthodontics – Say Hello To A New You

Adult Orthodontics Savannah GAWhile some might tell you otherwise, you’re never too old to straighten out your teeth. Even in a person’s later years, the procedures for adult orthodontics remain a surefire way to reposition your teeth. Doing so can also relieve them of any number of maladies, such as malocclusion (a bad bite).

Treating misaligned teeth can resolve any number of issues. Your smile is a hallmark of who you are. Knowing it shines out is vital to your self-confidence. Just as importantly, correctly aligned teeth are much easier to properly clean. Teeth that are simple to clean will allow you to fight harder against tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. As the risks of both diseases increase with age, it is even more important for older Americans to receive the proper treatment. Lastly, chewing your favorite foods is much easier to do when your teeth are good and straight.Read More

Wisdom Teeth Removal – When?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Savannah GALately, the latest trend amongst trending topics has been celebrities keeping their Instagram followers up-to-date on their dental health. This includes top A-listers like Paris Hilton, Lily Allen, and Emile Hirsch. Even Ariana Grande has gotten in on the act. Recently, Grande gave social media users a front row seat to the removal of her last three wisdom teeth.

While we don’t know if this will continue, we feel it’s a good opportunity to share with you why the extraction of your wisdom teeth can be so important for you.Read More

Buck Teeth – Known As Malocclusion Or Overbite

Buck Teeth - Savannah GABuck teeth, also known as a malocclusion or severe overbite, is much more common than we think. In many cases, buck teeth are a hereditary condition. But, it can also be worsened by prolonged thumb sucking, bottle feeding or the overuse of a pacifier.

Throughout history, buck teeth have been the cause of bullying and embarrassment. Studies have shown that the most common cause of bullying is a person’s smile.Read More