Advanced Technology

Vaught Orthodontics in Savannah and Richmond Hill, GA, embraces the forefront of orthodontic innovation. Dr. Vaught is dedicated to enhancing your orthodontic journey through the integration of cutting-edge technology. 

Our commitment to staying ahead in the field ensures that you receive the most advanced, efficient, and comfortable orthodontic care available. You will benefit from the most modern techniques and materials available, including:

  • Low-profile metal brackets
  • Nearly-invisible cosmetic rhodium braces
  • Invisalign Aligners—clear, comfortable, removable aligners for adults and teens
  • iTero digital scanning for improved accuracy and reduced need for molds
  • Nickel-titanium wires for comfort and improved tooth movement
  • Advanced sterilization procedures for maximum patient safety

Improved Patient Experience

Faster Treatment Times

Increased Patient Comfort

Fewer In-Office Appointments

More Precise Tooth Alignment